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Ferromanganese is obtained from a combination of manganese oxide (MnO2) and iron oxide (Fe2 + O3) at high temperature and molten state and with carbon in the form of coal or coke. This process is also performed in electric arc furnaces. According to ASTM standard. A99), ferromanganese is divided into the following three groups:Standard ferromanganese (high carbon) Medium carbon ferromanganese Low carbon ferromanganese For general use and for the production of products with insensitivity to carbon increase through ferromanganese, high carbon grade is used, and in alloy steels used in sensitive sources and steels that will be welded, medium carbon and low carbon grades are used. Be. Among the functions of ferromanganese are the following: Combine with sulfur and turn it into slag Austenite phase stabilizer Prevent oxidation of the melt Increase the hardness of steel

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