Gastrodin Herbal Tablet

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INDICATIONS: Anti-inflammatory and sedative for pains resulting from peptic and deudenum ulcers Enhancement of mucous resistance Peptic and deudenum ulcers PHARMACOLOGIC ACTIONS Recent analyses have shown that the extracts of the abovementioned herbs contain components affecting gastritis and ulcers of stomach and deudenum; The most crucial ones being flavonoids, saponosides, and its mucilage compounds. Mechanism of action of Gastrodin is a series of mechanism related to its effective matters. Anti-ulcer effect of Glycyrrhiza glabra might be associated with stoppage of action between mucosal receptors and release of acetyl- choline of vagus nerves. In addition, it reinforces the mucous barrier against impact of gastric acid via influencing the chemical composition of stomach mucus. Mechanism of action of flavonoids in Glycyrrhiza glabra and calendula is also expressed based on anti-inflammatory effects of flavonoids that can prevent from release of histamines, and additionally, leave other impacts on them such as stabilization of lysosome membrane and influence on capillary permeability and strength. Mucilage of althaea off. also has protective effects on digestive system mucus.
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