Pedicough Herbal syrup

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Cough relife Respiratory tract anti-inflammatory PHARMACOLOGIC ACTIONS Because of thyme and Ivy extract in pedicough syrup , It has Bronchial anti inflammatory and anti spasmodic effects. In addition, antibacterial , anti fungal , anti viral and anti oxidant activity of the drug is approved . Pedicough syrup has no alcohol and coloring agents . Thymol content is suitable for children and infants . Pedicough syrup is a good choice as the children’s antitussive syrup . ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Pedicough Syrup contains thyme aqueous extract ,Hedera helix ext., & Althaea off. Flowers. Pedicough syrup is standardized by 0.5 mg phenols calculated as thymol per 5 ml . ADMINISTRATION AND DOSAGE 3-6 times daily : – Infants (Under 6 months of age ) : by physician advice . – Children 6 months to 2 years of age : 2.5ml (1/2 teaspoon) . – Children over 2 years of age : 5ml (1 teaspoon).
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Each box contains 60ml syrup in box
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