Safety Valves and Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) with Petroleum and Aviation Standards

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Through design and reverse engineering and due to the capabilities resulting from the accumulation of technical knowledge, ASA Company has had successful experiences in producing safety valves and pressure relief valves (PRVs). The pressure relief valves prevent a sudden pressure build-up in system and some of its certain special types need to be designed to not only prevent sudden increases in pressure, but also to damp the hydraulic pressure fluctuations of the hydraulic circuit using the precise intended clearance between sleeve and spool in the Damping Spool. In addition, because of the system high sensitivity to pressure range of hydraulic circuit, when the flow is opened by the valve at the nominal pressure, the flow must be blocked again by the valve exactly at the reset pressure. In order to determine clearance between the spool and the sleeve in the damping area, which plays a vital role in damping the pressure fluctuations, as well as to extract the exact dimensions and geometric shapes of the internal components, which determine the flow opening and closing pressure, R&D is necessary for jet behavior simulation, computer code extraction, and numerical simulations. Also, due to the required low weight and small size of safety valves used in aviation systems, stress calculations are necessary to obtain the minimum wall thickness as well as high reliability

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