Hydraulic Accumulators and Reservoirs

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Hydraulic accumulators are known as pressure storage apparatus that are connected to the hydraulic pipes on one side and closed on the other. Meanwhile, Piston Accumulators,‎ the most widely used types, consist of three main components: compressed gas (gas chamber), piston and hydraulic fluid (oil chamber). The hydraulic fluid, under pressure of a hydraulic pump, causes the accumulator piston to move and compress the gas in the air chamber. Compressed gas can store this energy just like a compressed spring. When an additional flow is required in the system, the compressive energy is released to meet this demand. A hydraulic accumulator mainly provides temporary flow supply in a short period of time, compensates system leakage, acts as a critical power source to keep the pressure constant, damps hydraulic system pressure fluctuations and absorbs impact pressure. Hydraulic accumulators are commonly used in Aviation industry because they can provide a peak flow to be used for a hydraulic cut-off function in landing gears and wing flap controllers. In other words, a hydraulic accumulator can help reduce the size and weight of the hydraulic system. However, for high reliability purposes, special considerations are necessary that go beyond the standards used in the common types available in the market and this is one major area where ASA Company operates. The manufacturing process of these equipment can involve Honing or Autofrettage techniques due to the importance of proper sealing, thin walls or high pressure flows.

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