Fuel and Hydraulic Pumps with Special Applications according to Aviation Standards

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ASA Company activity has also focused on manufacturing pumps for aviation purposes and based on relevant strict standards taking into consideration such parameters as dimensions, weight, specific operating conditions, high reliability and imperviousness to environmental conditions such as electrical noise. The pumps built by the company include centrifugal submersible pumps that are used for pumping and transferring fuel. Generally, pumps are made up of dozens of different parts and management of their design and manufacturing process require working with domestic and foreign qualified vendors in addition to the technical capability of the company. Accordingly, ASA Company has succeeded in manufacture of mechanically or electrically driven pumps through research and development, applying advanced manufacturing equipment and also through identification and effective communication with qualified vendors, which have been approved after initial field tests (e.g. casting of internal vanes, rotating shaft sealing systems, casting shells, AC/DC electric motors, precision machining of internal parts, etc.). The most important features of the pumps designed and manufactured by this company are mixed flow, maximum flow rate of 120 gpm, fully submersible operation, dry running capability and automatic start and re-start capability. The motors used in these pumps also include different types such as variable and constant AC motors, DC motors with/without brushes and hydraulic motors. These pumps can be easily customized to meet the various demands in aviation industry based on ASA successful technical records. As well, ASA Company also specializes in providing after-sales service such as hydraulic and fuel pump performance test equipment and also provides maintenance and repair services for these pumps.

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