Design, Construction and Consulting in the Field of Operational Test Benches with Petroleum and Aviation Standards

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ASA Company designs and manufactures unique testers to test, simulate and analyze the performance of mechanical / hydraulic systems with an emphasis on applications in the oil and aviation industries. A Test Bench is designed to virtually simulate the main functions of the system and to examine how it works and/or confirm whether they comply with the specified specifications and standards. These testers are easy to update with each new modification in the system and help save a lot of time in operational tests and minimize the risks involved in the final installation. The hydraulic and control systems of these test stands are designed to be used as a multi-purpose test platform. For example, they can be used both as a training unit to identify the performance of the main components of a hydro-electrical system and as a platform to test the various components of hydraulic power transmission units such as pumps and valves. In addition, PLC control systems are used to control and run various tests. these testers can support a maximum pressure of 30,000 psi while their hydraulic horsepower can be up to 1000 hp.

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