Spherical Bearings with Petroleum and Aviation Standards

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Petroleum and Aviation Standards
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Spherical bearings are used to support substantial radial loads and simultaneously allow for automatic adjustment. Spherical Bearings come in two types: Swaged and Fractured. Common spherical bearings available in the market are of fractured types that are mass-produced by various companies based on existing manuals and standards. However, fractured types are not employed in sensitive systems such as aircraft and helicopter systems that require high reliability components. Instead, only Swaged Spherical bearings are designed and manufactured with specific dimensions and alloys according to the client's demands. ASA Company has so far taken several steps to meet the domestic demands in this area. In case of Swaged Spherical bearings, the bearing ball, carefully spherical lapped, is restrained inside the bearing race and cannot be removed after installation. At the same time, the clearance between the ball and the race is particularly important because it is crucial to proper bearing performance and to preventing vibrations in sensitive systems. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a coherent R&D in order to simulate the plastic behavior of steel race during the forming process and, subsequently, in the releasing of residual stresses, and also in order to achieve the high technical knowledge required in controlling the mentioned clearance during the forming process.

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