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High producing dairy cattle involved in negative energy balance, hormonal and metabolic changes during transition period. Due to these changes body fat mobilization, weight loss, and occurrence of metabolic disorders increase which result in reduced milk production and reproduction performance.Some researches documented that essential fatty acids (particularly α-linoleic (C18:2) & linolenic (C18:3)) have a major role on health and reproduction performance of dairy cattle during transition period and early lactation. Unfortunately, very low amounts of these fatty acids could escape intact from rumen biohydrogenation and enter to lower tract for absorption. About more than 90% of unsaturated fatty acids hydrogenated to saturated fatty acids like stearic acid C18:0 in rumen.Findings of many studies have shown, that feeding protected fat supplements can reduce the effects of negative energy balance, improve milk production and persistency and decrease incidence of metabolic disorders, also protect unsaturated fatty acid from rumen biohydrogenation.Royal Fat powder is a dual-purpose protected fat supplement, that provides considerable amount of affordable NEL for milk production, also is a good source of essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acid, that influences livestock health and reproduction. This product could be a reliable source of energy and essential fatty acids throughout the lactation period of dairy cattle.

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