Biodegradable masterbatches

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Two main types of degradable plastic are introduced: The first type of degradable plastics is called OXO-plastics. They are made of petrochemicals such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene, with the addition of materials as catalysts that increase their degradation rate. Manufacturers of OXO-Biodegradable Plastics claim that these bags will break down into smaller pieces faster than conventional plastic bags, and then return to environment if they are in the right condition. The point is that these plastics quickly become very small pieces of plastic. But the molecules still remain plastic and cannot return to environment. These tiny, non-biodegradable fragments can reach to the water more rapidly and then to human and animal food chain. In this regard, the European Commission has reported that the claim of biodegradable and environmentally friendly OXO-biodegradable plastic bags is a propaganda hoax with misleading information to replace ordinary plastic materials as safe plastics. While the rapid fragmentation and conversion of these types of plastics into much smaller pieces of plastic creates more concerns. The second type is made of biodegradable plastics and is generally called “bioplastic“. These plastics can be decomposed by processes such as industrial composting or anaerobic digestion. These types of plastics are biocompatible due to their predominantly plant nature and do not pose the risks of OXO-Biodegradable plastics. Ciba Polymer Kabir Company has been able to produce kinds of bio-plastic biodegradable masterbatches, and as the first producer of this product in IRAN attempts to strive for environmental health.

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