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One of the most important of problems in the polymeric film industries is the tendency of film layers to block each other or block other adjacent surfaces. This problem, known as blocking, is noticeable for polyolefin sheets and films such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) produced by cast and blow casting, as well as bi-directional polypropylene films (BOPP). Blocking phenomenon also leads to numerous problems in the processing of the disposable containers produced by thermoforming of polymer sheets. Since blocking causes problems such as increased waste, lowered production rates, lowered product quality and finally creates problems in subsequent processes such as rewinding, printing and coating, the origins of this phenomenon and remediation strategies are important issues. The use of antiblock masterbatches is the most effective way to solve the blocking problem in polymer products. At the microscopic scale, these masterbatches are segregated on the film surface, resulting in the appearance of micro-asperities. These asperities are useful in minimizing film-to-film contact and for increasing the distance between layers, so that blocking will be significantly reduced. In other words, blocking between adjacent layers results in increased friction (resistance to motion) in the joint. The presence of antiblock masterbatches contributes to the reduction of film-to-film (COF) coefficient of friction. Ciba Polymer Kabir is able to offer specialized types of inorganic and organic base antiblock masterbatch for various applications by performing various tests in accordance with relevant standards.

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