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Most polypropylenes, particularly its isotactic-type homopolymer, have a semi-crystalline structure. The presence of these crystalline regions in polypropylene can increase the hardness, physical-mechanical properties, and heat resistance of the finial product. However, relatively large crystalline regions in the polypropylene structure can led to decreasing of its optical properties, and thereby opacity of final product. This opacity can be detrimental to customers’ desire to use the product in various applications, particularly in the packaging industry. The use of clarifier masterbatches has significantly increased potential applications for polypropylene in various industries, especially in packaging and film industries. Usually, the polypropylene slowly crystallizes into large crystals. These crystals generally form around natural polymer impurities, which this phenomenon is called nucleation. In the absence of a clarifier masterbatch, the size of the polypropylene crystals larger than the wavelength of visible light that it causes the scattering of light and the opacity of the polymer. However, the use of Ciba Polymer Kabir clarifier masterbatches increases the nucleation rate as well as the crystallization rate of the polymer structure. Therefore, crystals with smaller size than the wavelength of visible light are formed in structure, so that the visible light passes through them and produces a transparent polymer.

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