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KiD3 drop contains 400 IU (International Unit) of vitamin D3 per ml. with milk essence and soya oil. Cholecalciferol ( vitamin D ) is a fat -soluble vitamin, which is essential for bone health throughout life.Vitamin D enhances the absorption of calcium in the gut and bones. Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin through exposure to sunlight.vitamin D supplements are recommended for those who do not receive direct sunlight(people living in areas with inadequate sunlight or excessive use of sunscreen). Calcium supplements cant be efficient in the treatment of osteoporosis, if the level of vitamin D is low. Infants and children need high amount of vitamin D because of physiological status of growing and low level of vitamin D in breast milk. Therefore vitamin D deficiency is commmon among these groups. Indication: Supplying the daily vitamin D requirement Vitamin D deficiency Prevention of rickets in children Prevention of softening,deformation and osteoporosis in adults Maintaining normal function of the immune system and muscles activity
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It contains 15 ml oral drops with a dropper and a patient information leaflet.
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