Ready Mixed Grout

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FARA Grout-G2
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FARA Grout G2 is in fact a kind of ready mixed cement- based concrete without contraction. This material suitable to be used in filling the vacancies under base- plates, creation of foundations of heavy machinery, steel infra construction and fixation of prefabricated columns. The gray power, FARA Grout G2 has the potential of reaching the desirable efficiency after it has been mixed with water and satisfies the compressive resistance of 800 kg/ cm2. The ready mixed grout quickly hardens after it has been applied. It has a desirable resistance to higher degrees of heat and static pressures after it has stiffened. It shall never develop cracks and neither does it contract. This is while it fills any and all pores and openings, cavities, gaps and pits with an adjusted expansion. Uses: 1- Fixation of machinery on foundations 2- Filling the vacancies under chassis and base plates 3- Filling the vacancy around bolts 4- Placement of round bars 5- Fixation of crane rails Dosage FARA Grout G2 is used considering the volume of the receiving structure and the weight of the special mixture from this grout that is about 2.3 gr/ cm2. The grout is mixed with water at a rate of 2Kg grout / 120-150 cc of water and used after full mixing process. Volume of water Stamp Compressive resistance Kg/ Cm3 3 – day 7 – day 28 -day 120.CC 18Cm 568 608 800 150.CC Completely fluid 470 510 600 Directions of Use: 1- Ensure that the base-plate has been placed in its specified point. Then reconsider the dimensions and sizes. 2- Check the smoothness and levelness of the surface of base- plate in order to prevent the development of additional vacancies. 3- The concrete under the base- plate should be 7 days of age at minimum before the grout is applied. 4- A minimum spacing of 01mm is needed to exist between the bottom surface of base-plate and concrete. 5- Concrete surface should preferable be in contact with sound, defect less and coarse grout. 6- All contact surfaces such as the upper surface of base-plat should be free from dust, loose particles, grease etc. it should be clean and free from any contamination that may impair the final quality of grouting operations. 7- To prevent absorption of the grouter water by concrete and development of cracks, the foundation concrete should be saturated with potable water before grouting. The forms should also be hard, impermeable and without water absorption. 8- The forms should be placed above the base-plate level by 5-25mm. 9- If need be, the corners of the form should be optimized by the placement of proper pieces so that the grout flows easily within the correct location. 10- The grout should be applied from one side so that it flows toward the other side. Where the grout application points and locations are broad, you'd better divide them in smaller forms providing for the grout to flow forward within the position. 11- Polystyrene plates of a high compression may be used to facilitate the movement of forms. 12- With the creation of sufficient vacancy under the base- plate no additional air shall remain there. 13- Proper temperature for grouting is 5-30C° 14- No other additives and no granulated gravel and sand is are permitted to be added when using grout. 15- The mixture prepared by adding grout powder to the water should be used within a time shorter than 30 minutes. 16- The grout applied should be kept wet and protected from direct sunlight for 7 days. Gunny fabric may be used for this purpose. STORAGE & SHELFLIFE The shelf life is 12 months if unopened, stored free from frost, moisture and direct sunlight. HEALTH & SAFETY FARA GROUT G2 is non-toxic but is alkaline in its nature. When applying gloves & goggles should be worn. Wash off splashes to skin with water. If in eyes wash out with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention. FARA GROUT G2 is non-flammable. MSDS is available from Farazpaye. TECHNICAL SERVICE The Farazpaye International Technical Service Department is available to assist you in the correct use of our products and its resources are at your disposal entirely without obligation. PACKAGING 20 kg set.
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