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>>Description: X-PROOF is a double component product based on epoxy resin. This primer is very thin and has extraordinary penetration capacity and adhesion to target surfaces. The product conforms to ASTM D3322 standard. Properties: 1- Extremely penetrative 2- Optimal adhesion to all types of materials e.g. concrete, metal, stone, wood etc. 3- Accepting stresses arising from its bed with no development of cracks. Uses: This surface preparing agent is intended for the creation of all types of resin covers. Also you can use X-Proof for waterproofing the joints of the Ceramics which filled by MCM or any types of Cement Mortars. Dosage: Depending on the porosity of target surfaces, 150-200 gr of the X-PROOF is needed to cover an area of one (1) sq. Directions of Use: First the subgrade should be cleaned of any grease, dust and moisture. In case subgrade surfaces have loose parts or instability, remove such defects. In case the subgrade surface is fully finished and polished, it should be scratched and made coarse using special tools. The two components A and B should be specified in respect of the proportionate volume to be used of each. Then, the components should be well stirred using an electric stirring system drill until a complete a mixture is created (mix them for about 3 minutes).Then apply the prepared product to the target surface with a painting brush or a spraying gun. Note 1: Always take the volumes of the components to be mixed that will be just sufficient to be used up within at most 15 minutes. Note 2: It is a must to observe exact ratios. Never change the ratios without coordinating with the engineering office. Note 3: Whereas the interaction of the two components is exothermic, ensure to inform engineering office of the temperature of the site. Note 4: Never expose the materials to direct sunlight before they are used. Note 5: Never use solvents to dilute. Technical Specifications Color: - Component A: colorless - Component B: colorless - A+B: colorless - Specific gravity: Component A: 1.12 gr/ cm3 Component B: 0.97 gr/ cm3 A+B: 1.09 gr/ cm3 Maximum permitted utilization time after the components have been mixed: 30minutes - Surface drying time: 8 hours - Deep drying time (25°C) 24 hours -Realization of final resistance (25°C): 7 days Considerations: - Shelf life: 6months in original package. - Storage: away from frost and direct sunlight. Optimum storage temperature: 5-30 °C. In case the temperature of the site is low, the components of X PROOF may become somewhat harder. Therefore, you'd better place them in a warm place before they are utilized so that mixing and application are facilitated. Note: Never use flames to warm up the components. Packaging: 1 Kg. Packages. 0.5 Kg. Packages.
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ASTM D3322
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