Mechatronics & Robotics Educational Set

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This set includes different kinds of pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic gripper, DC gearbox motor, servo motor, many kinds of sensors, etc. Advantages: The students or researchers can learn about many different kinds of cylinders, sensors, motors, pneumatic systems, valves, mechatronics systems, robotic systems, mechanics systems, PLC programming, HMI programming if need be, etc. Also they can learn their application in industrial automation, training , research, etc. Being modular, helps the students or researchers to work & learn better, so that they can have lots of projects. All the wiring details, datasheets, applications, defined projects, detailed explanation for all of the stations, etc. are fully explained in a manual which would be given to the customers Along with this mechatronics system, also the customer would have all of details about every & each one of components, datasheets, applications, cad file, syllabus, etc. The control panel is put right under the set where the wiring can be seen & changed easily. All drivers, PLC, power supply, expansion boars, etc. are in this panel. The monitoring system (HMI) helps the customer control & monitor some of the process details Description of stations, is as follows: 1.Direct feed station 2.Rotary feed station 3.Transfer station 4.Cartesian robot station 5.Assembling station 6.Screw & fixing station
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Qeshm Voltage

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