Suction valve & discharge valve

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Valves are one of the main components of reciprocating compressors that optimum compressor performance is subject to the valve conditions. Using different components in the construction of these valves, proper and balanced design of these components is essential to create a seamless and tailor-made performance for the compressor and requires high technical knowledge of design and manufacturing technology. Major challenges and issues in these valves include permissible leakage control, handling of particles and liquid droplets, reducing vibration and noise, failure prevention, possible cracking and corrosion due to fluid, and ultimately performance improvements in various parts. At Nika Compressor, these valves are designed and manufactured in different sizes for use in various working conditions of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, with high precision and quality. The product design process begins by CFD simulation in accordance with the operating conditions until the initial design is reached, and then, after stress analysis and achieving warm geometry, continues with material selection and production process design. The manufactured valves are tested according to API618 standard and the test results are provided to the customer.

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