Intelligent monitoring and dispatching system

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Intelligent Dispatching System are tools used to optimally monitor, control and dispatch resources in large-scale networks. These systems receive huge amounts of data from various terminals and perform online pre-processing in real time. Finally raw input data is converted into knowledge and practical information for use by the control room operators. These systems also include subsystems such as alarms management system, referral management system and different levels of control in the control room. Other features of such a system include the provision of intelligent, automated and optimal decision making. • Decrease of the complexity of large-scale networks • Easier tracking of network elements • The process of converting complex geographic maps into simple schematic maps • Increase of network understanding at a glance • Creating referral management platforms • Creating event and alarms management platforms • Optimal dispatch of resources • Facilitating the process of controlling and commands sending • Converting raw and unusable data into useful and understandable information for operators • Creating optimal decision-making platforms

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