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Aryasarmayesh is a manufacturer of 4 Categories of Chillers, These Chillers are available on subcategories such as Mini Chillers, Condense Chillers, Compact Chillers, And Ultra low Chillers. Aryasarmayesh Mini Chillers that also be known as Laboratory mini Chillers are represented with ACMC and ACMO. ACMC is the model name for Open Circuit and ACMO is the model name for Closed Circuit mini Chillers. Aryasarmayesh Condenser Chillers or AIC series chillers are designed to connect to a closed circuit and most of its application is the cooling of the water condensers that are used in Temperature testing, Humidity, And thermal shock testing chambers. Aryasarmayesh Compact and super compact chillers are designed in ACC models to connect to a closed cycle and in ACO models for connecting to an open circuit. Aryasarmayesh Company has designed a series of ultra-low chillers in AXC models. AXC series chillers are proposed to provide industrial temperature control solutions for hydrogen fuel, semiconductor, nuclear facilities, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, air and space, medical, extraction and custom applications

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