Long oil alkyd resin

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Structural Specifications Long oil alkyd resin based on soya oil ,esterified with glycerin. Technical Specifications Index Amount Non-volatile Material 60% ± 1.5 Acid Value 7-11 mg koh/g solid Viscosity at 25°C 95-125 sec. (DINviscosity CUP 6 – 50% 402 solvent) ColourGardner 5.5 Min. Oil Length 58-59% Alcohol Type Glycerin Solvent Type AW-402 Applications Polishes ,primers and architectural paints. Metal primers. Functional Specificaions High and durable shininess. Highly adhesive and tough. Good yellowing Resistance. Good drying time. Exellent brushability. Mixes well with Solvent. Storage Conditions Store for one year between 5and 35 ºC in properly sealed cans. Keep away from direct sunlight. Industrial Safety This product is flammable. Avoid contact with skin or eyes.

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