Epoxy Soybean Oil is (ESO)

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Liaflex 6500

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Structural Specifications This product is epoxy soya oil (ESO). Technical Specifications Index Amount Acid Value 1mg koh/g solid Max. Viscosity at 25°C 500 ± 20 cps Appearance Clear yellowish liquid with a faint smell Density 0.99 g/cm³ Refractive Index 1/472 Applications This product can be used as stabilizer and plasticizers in PVC products, such as conducive cable coverings, transparent (clear) PVC films, PVC synthetic leather, etc. Functional Specifications Compatible with polyvinyl chloride, chlorized rubbers, nitro-celluloser, polyvinyl acetate, aromatic and hydro-carbonate solvents, esters, and plasticizers. Storage Conditions Store for one year between 5 and 35ºC in properly sealed cans. Keep away from direct sunlight. Industrial Safety This product is flammable. Avoid contact with skin or eyes.

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