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LEOPARD ESP Enterprise Security Planning

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in Leopard we combine different aspects and tasks of security management all in one product. It easily fits to your organizations size and scale and answers these 3 simple questions about your company’s security: 1-Where you are? 2-where to go? 3-how to go? ESP uses PDCA method for the control and continuous improvement of Security of your company. REPORTS Different report to monitor your organizations security status over different sub sectors, time and security models. Maturity Level donut charts MIL Bar Charts SELF-ASSESSMENT SURVEY TOOL Online self-evaluation tests Weight respondents based on their knowledge Questionnaire aggravation, based on respondent weight Normalizing and guess unapplied answers ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Support Organizational chart Customizable questionaries’ and domains for different people and sub sector of the company Conduct surveys based on organizational chart aggregate different results of security status of different sub sector of the company to give big picture of total organization’s security status. SECURITY MANAGEMENT Analyze organization security with different security models,including: C2M2, ICS, PCI-DSS, ISMS, OISM3, etc. Gap analyze and action plan tailor-made for your organization (security master planner) Create and manage security projects and tasks to full fill security gaps and manage your security master plan.

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