High Performance Liquid Chromatography ( HPLC )

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DanChrom 4U/A

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Kianshar Danesh Co is an independent manufacturer for High Performance Liquid Chromatography systems with the brand name of " DanChrom ". " DanChrom " is a name which was invented to combine the words of " Danesh " which means knowledge in Pharsi language and " Chromatography ". " DanChrom " as a new brand in the market of HPLC has noticeably flourished since 2011 due to big investment on R&D and hard work of the people who are engaged in development of the products. You need a complete analytical or semi preparative HPLC , or an individual UV-Vis detector , an injection valve or HPLC pump or ... ? " DanChrom " offers attractive conditions based upon planning of its trustworthy hardware.

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