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Fructose is made by converting part of glucose during passing isomerizes glucose enzymes pillars. Fructose is made in three current types 42, 55 and 90% which shows the percentage of fructose containing in each type. Fructose syrup is colorless and transparent with sweet taste without any excessive flavor and has the same use or function as table sugar. This sweetener can be replaced instead of sugar in any food products, whereas it’s lower in price comparing to sugar. High Fructose corn syrup is 100% natural and is extracted from corn. Zar Company has the ability to produce HFCS in different ranges of sweetness which can meet the need of food, drug and chemical industries. HFCS 42 Is being used in baked goods, confectionary and canned food industries. HFCS 55 Is being used in different types of carbonated drinks, juices, energy drinks and sorbets. HFCS 99 Is being used when small amount of sweetener is required to reach the desired sweetness in products.
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