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Maltodextrins are hydrolyzed starch by DE of less than 20. Their sizes are between starch and simple sugars. Commercial importance of hydrolyzed starch is increasing due to their specified characteristics. These products are completely soluble carbohydrates with a low volume density which can be metabolized by the same method. The main characteristic of Maltodextrins is that they have low sweetness or are free of sweet taste, meanwhile no starch taste, so cannot cover other tastes. As filler and carrier material (in formulation of powder products) Decrease of sweet taste Improver the viscosity and participation in texture Maltodextrin with low dextrose as fat replacer‏ Contributing in crystallization of sugars (in the production of hard candy) Drying agent for oily material (production of solid oil powder), As matrix for drying the liquid foods such as fruit juice, Prevention of oxygen penetration, Film forming capability, Source of energy

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