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Oil electrostatic filter or varnish removal from oil Varnish is one of the harmful and destroying parameters for oils. This phenomenon is like a yellow, gold and clear layer which covers the item and sticks on the surface of them. Varnish is dissolvable in oil and it forms a rigid deposition layer on the surface of items. This leads to decrease in heat transferring and blocking the routes of oil circulation, decreasing of the oil, increasing of energy consumption of sensitive parts such as protective and control valves of system and can lead to the appliance leaves being under operation. In order to reach high economic efficiency, Niroonamad Company has decided to produce electrostatic filters (the model of NN-ESF) for removing varnish from the oils without any harming of the oils with the latest modern technology as well as self-controlled gradient filter. To fulfill this desire, our Company increasing the oil and equipment age in a confident way and is ready to do any cooperation and present any consultation to industrial complexes.

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