Oil Flushing Systems

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It is used for turbines and hydraulic equipment. This is done to ensure that the system runs smoothly and starts up. It is also considerably decreases the failure rate of the system. Oil flushing is done usually before adding oil and especially while working because of the amount of contamination that can be found in the system. As usual, the main antagonist being water and then in any order, dirt, sand, oil,,,, and rust. In truth, after a while, the system (engine or any other equipment that uses lubricants) would need to be flushed which in turn would separate and remove the sediments or any unwanted materials which would clog the system (the soluble or insoluble in the oil are harmful pollutants which would not only decrease the system efficiency but also, increase the system failures but could, and will, bring down the system to a point that it can no longer be repairable) The operator can normally recognize the Flushing time by: observing inside the gearbox, hydraulic systems, ball-bearings, uncommon increase in tank temperature and the amount of wear through oil analysis. Flushing procedures: •Filtration •Creating turbulence •High temperature flash oil •Flash oil circular temperature •Oil stroke flow •Reversing oil flow Note: Flushing equipment, comes in different capacities according to pipe and tank sizes and flushing procedures.
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