Distillation Towers

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Design and manufacture of Vacuum Distillation Towers for continuous or discontinuous operation There are many different techniques for the separation of components of a mixture. One of the most common techniques is distillation, in which components or substances can be separated from a liquid mixture by using selective boiling and condensation. The main components of the Distillation Tower 1. Tower 2. Reboiler 3. Condenser Types of distillation . Simple distillation. . Fractional distillation. . Steam distillation. . Vacuum distillation. . Air-sensitive vacuum distillation. . Short path distillation. . Zone distillation. Different types of Distillation Towers 1. Tray Towers (they are divided to 4 different types). . Bubble Cap Tray Towers . Sieve Tray Towers . Valve Tray Towers . Jet Tray Towers 2. Packed Towers

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