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Niroonamad Transformer Oil Purification system, Model NNVOP is used to remove physical contaminants including moisture, soluble gases, suspended solids. It has a capacity of between 200 to 20,000 liters per hour and it comes in the form of either semi or fully automated. It also can be mobile or in fixed position. The mobile units are set on trailers or car chassis. Importance of oil purifier In today’s world, electricity is one of the main foundation of economy and also is an industry therefore, the construction and commissioning of power generators and power plants is indispensable for any society moving towards any kind of growth. To this end, distribution of electricity from a power plant to different areas requires the use of transformers and distribution networks. Realizing the importance of transformers, one of the main issues with maintaining them is the special oil which is used to keep the transformer temperature down and at the same time it should be electric non-conductor. This oil, can directly affect the life expectancy of transformers since its quality controls the function of transformers. Putting it simply, if the oil quality fails due to contamination, it will damage the inner parts of the transformers and at the same time could cause explosion and destroy the transformer. In both cases the damage to the transformer can be irreversible and extremely expensive. These contaminations are due to copper catalyst, iron particles, partial discharge and especially the influence of moisture, oxygen and heat, which are the main reasons that cause the transformer oil to age and therefore affect the quality of oil. In these conditions, problems and issues that arise are, increasing acid number, interfacial tension, reducing electrical resistance (fault voltage), decreasing insulation resistance, increasing humidity, increasing the insulation loss factor and colour of the oil turns to opaque and dark. Considering the problems and issues raised, the importance of having equipment called transformer oil purification System is vital and essential since it will increase the life expectancy of the oil considerably. Hereof, Niroonamad Khorasan, having experienced experts and specialists in manufacturing transformer oil purification systems have helped to boost the country's electricity industry. Advantages of the system *Very fast separation of moister and soluble gases from oil. *Achieving the ISO codes and NASS standards. *High efficiency and low power consumption. *Preventing the oil from becoming Ionized. *Indirect heating to the oil (Prevent ionization, destruction of additives and oil scorch). *Set up and complete machinery training. *2-year warranty and after-sales service for 15 years Optional Custom Equipment *Installation on a trailer or on a car chassis for transportation. *Particle counter and online moisture meter sensor on the machine. *Design and manufacture of the system for PLC monitoring. *Design and construction according to customer requirements and working conditions. *Installation of test and laboratory equipment on the systems. Equipment Used *Special pumps for oil. *Using rotary pumps which has the ability to produce 0.01 vacuum (using best brands). *Installing fine dust removal filters (1 and 3 Micron). *Install condenser or trap for separation of vapors and distilled water from oil. *Heating oil indirectly (a stair case system is used while this will prevents the oil from Ionizing). *Installing separators for removing large particles over 500 Microns. *Installing a sensor or mechanical float for automatic oil level adjustment. *Install the anti-foam sensor on the vacuum tank, degassing tank for identifying the foam. *Coloring according to the anti-oil standards and resistant to atmospheric conditions of tropical areas (over 45 degree of centigrade) . *Pressure controller in the system with safety valve. *Use a magnetic valve and flux switch on the oil inlet to cut off the oil flow. *Sensor sensitive to liquids inside the condenser or trap to prevent oil from entering the vacuum pump. *Provide all technical documentation including (instructions, parts list, parts catalog, equipment and so on…). *Thermometer in the oil inlet and oil outlet. *Pressure gauge to alert and detect any filter blocking. *Digital Pirani gauge on vacuum enclosure to measure the amount of vacuum *A valve to transfer vacuum *A by-pass between the oil inlet and outlet. *Drive system for oil discharge control. *Emergency button. *Alarms and Interlocks.
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