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KAMP SubNewPacks are classified in four groups with respect to their supply and return duct positions; The KAMP SubNewPacks are being supplied in 5 different air capacity ranged from 4000 up to 8000 m3/h. KAMP SubNewPacks are equipped with the Super Smart Control System. Supplying conditioned air with low energy consumption in compared with compression cooling systems is one of its superior advantages. The SubNewPack is installed beneath of terrace ceiling. Supplied conditioned cool/warm air is produced respectively by evaporation and hot water coil principles. The heating coil is adaptable to be supplied by Combi-boilers, conventional hot water plants or KAMP Motopacks. The Plain or combined damper is used to change operational mode from summer to winter or vice versa. Superior Features : 4 installation situations regarding supply & return positions are caused Both outlet & inlet ports are adaptable to buildings’ supply and return ducts Eliminating of elbow reduces pressure loss inside supply duct Enhancement of cooling power & air efficiency Reduction in duct lengths, thus reduction of costs and energy waste Terrace space is Optimized for usage and Beautiful in view All Service &Maintenance operations are performed via lower panels

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