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KAMP NewPacks are being manufactured in two models; Side Outlet (coded as H) and Top Outlet (coded as V) and supplied in 6 different versions with an air capacity ranged from 4000 up to 10000 m3/h. KAMP NewPacks are equipped with 4 types of Control Systems such as Manual Speed and Temperature Control, Semi-Smart Control, Smart Control and Super Smart Control System. Supplying conditioned air with low energy consumption in compared with compression cooling systems is one of its superior advantages. The NewPack is installed on any suitable surface like as roof and terrace. Supplied conditioned cool/warm air is produced respectively by evaporation and hot water coil principles. The heating coil is adaptable to be supplied through Combi-boilers (whether wall hanged or storage type), conventional hot water plants or KAMP Motopacks. The Plain or combined damper is used to change operational mode from summer to winter or vice versa. Superior Differences respect to similar products: Providing Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation at Standard Levels Reduced sound pollutions from inside the building 35% increment in evaporation efficiency Noticeable reduction (4 – 6 °C). 30% reduction in water consumption 25% reduction in Absolute Humidity 75% reduction in electric power consumption in similar cooling conditions
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