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KAMP WashAirPack is dual purposes and are being designed and manufactured in two models; Side Outlet (coded as H) and Top Outlet (coded as V) and available in 6 different air capacities ranged from 16000 up to 50000 m3/h. KAMP WashAirPack are equipped with 4 types of Control Systems; Manual Speed Semi-Smart and Smart Control. KAMP WashAirPack may be installed on any suitable surface like as a roof or a metal stand outside the building.Nozzles' arrangement, Pumps' Pressure, Air Flow direction and speed are designed so that homogeneous and low speed evaporation is attained while maximum evaporation surface is able to attract maximum latent heat load from the air, consequently causing an increment in evaporation efficiency.KAMPWashAirPack energy consumption is only 8% of compression cooling systems' consumption in similar cooling capacity conditions. Supplied conditioned warm air is produced by hot water coil principles. The heating coil is adaptable to be supplied through conventional hot water plants or KAMP Motopacks. The plain or combined damper is used to change operational mode from summer to winter or vice versa. Different filter type and class, pressure switch and alarm system are also available for operational control of filtration Network, on request. Regarding to WashAirPack Classification (Class 4, 6 and 8), KAMPWashAirPack class is 4. Its overall dimensions will be defined with respect to relevant class, type and quantity of Fan Assembly, pumps and other technical features may be customized Superior Advantages respect to similar products: Increment in evaporation efficiency 10% Reduction in power consumed, due to higher fan efficiency Evaporation Efficiency is maintained high, due to ADWS Superior Features : • Comfort cooling & heating with low energy consumption • Regular & homogeneously operated water injection Network • Eliminator, plastomeric /Aluminum,with special design Thermal Insulations in all internal compartments Internal double layers to protect inner metal parts Easy & quickly operation, Installation, Service, Maintenance

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