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KAMP FernoPack is supplied in 4 different thermal capacities ranged from 100000 up to 400000 Kcal/h, side outlet (coded as H). The KAMP ThermoPack may be supplied only with Manual Temperature Control and Single Speed System. KAMP FernoPack is used in applications where distribution duct cannot be applied. KAMP FernoPack is usually installed inside the building and may be customized with various types of Fan Assembly and Burners respectively, including DDA, BDCF, IDA Fans, NG, Gas Oil and Dual fuel burners. The ThermoPack is installed on any suitable surface. In some buildings where there is no restriction for application of distribution ducts, KAMP FernoPack is supplied with BDCF. Fan assisted burner with fuel and air adjusting facilities which provide an optimized mixture, is considered as a superior feature respect to atmospheric burners. According to factory standards, the KAMP FernoPacks are available without burner. Its type and brand may be customized. Higher Thermal capacity, type and quantity of Fan assembly and Top Outlet may be also designed and manufactured on request. Air Conditioning of Poultry Farms and Greenhouses may be customized by special design of KAMP FernoPack Superior Advantages respect to similar products: 20% reduction in fuel consumption in similar heating conditions 10% increment in Thermal Efficiency Pipes, connections and heat exchangers are made of Stainless Steel (A304, A321 or A430) Operation, Installation, Service, Maintenance and Operations are performed quickly and easily
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