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The Science Based Product, KAMP ThermoPack, has been attained to Iran National Standards' Certificate because of its high combustion (92%) and thermal efficiency (87%).The KAMP ThermoPack design has been performed according to DIN-EN1319 standard are being manufactured using KAMP Combustion Circuit with an innovative and superior design features. KAMP ThermoPack is supplied in 5 different thermal capacities ranged from 40000 up to 300000 Kcal/h and may be equipped with various types of fan assisted burners including, NG, Gas Oil and Dual fuel, supplied in one model; side outlet (coded as H) and without any Control System, on request. The ThermoPack is installed on any suitable surface like as roof or metallic stands outside the building. Supplying cool and warm air is through distribution ducts uniform and according to the Air Conditioning Standards including; temperature, humidity and fresh air. Combined Structure, Return and Fresh Air Dampers are made of Aluminum Profiles cross sections (unique and special design) and operated manually or automatically, on request.According to factory standards, the KAMP ThermoPacks are available without burner. Its type and brand may be customized. Higher Thermal capacity and Top Outlet may be also designed and manufactured on request. KAMP ThermoPackmay be supplied only with Manual Temperature Control and Single Speed System. Air Conditioning of Poultry Farms and Green house may be customized by special design of KAMP ThermoPack

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