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KAMP Heating RadiaPacks are supplied in 5 different heating capacities ranged from 960 up to 3520 W/m2 and designed in two models; Classic and Decorative. KAMP Heating RadiaPack in a single block may contain 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 tubes made of Steel or Stainless Steel. Decorated models are supplied with beautiful pictures with/without lighting system. Lighting system may be supplied in 16 different colors which remotely controllable by the type and intensity of lighting source. Installation Positions (Vertical/Horizontal), color shade and type may be customized. KAMP Heating RadiaPack may be easily cleaned externally. Sedimentation accumulated inside the tubes is cleaned using special solvents. All plumbing connections and tubes are covered by side panel. KAMP Heating RadiaPack may be customized with a separate guard panel, which is installed on the lower portion of RadiaPack and protects kids and child against hot surfaces. All models of KAMP Heating RadiaPacks are adaptable to be supplied by Combi-boilers, conventional hot water plants or KAMP Motopacks. Note: Heating Powers given in the table are according to related national standards and/or factory standards and laboratory conditions. Actual heating capacity should be calculated considering not only flow rate and temperature of supplying hot water, but also inside temperature and relative humidity. Operational weights given in the table are according to factory standards and considering without protective guard and lighting systems' weight. Superior Advantages respect to similar products: More Heating power per unit area Providing uniform and conditioned heating, because of convectional heat transfer upgrading due to height of RadiaPack 90% Thermal efficiency and noticeable reduction in consumed energy Installation of thermostatic valve in return line and its proper operation Long life time and easy installation and service

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