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KAMP Evaporative CoolerPack is being manufactured in 2 models; Side Outlet (coded as H) and Top Outlet (coded as V). These are available in 8 different air capacities ranged from 4500 up to 50000 m3/h. KAMP CoolerPack is installed on any suitable surface like as roof, terrace or any other suitable metal stands outside the building. Very low energy consumption and more life time (respectively %12 and 3 times) in comparison with compression cooling systems (like as Split or duct split, in similar cooling capacity) are the superior advantages. KAMP CoolerPacks are supplied not only with KAMP Magnetic electro motor but also with conventional electro motors which are connected directly to Fischbakh fans and provided in 4 types of Control Systems; Manual Speed and Temperature Control, Semi-Smart, Smart and Super Smart control in capacities up to 12000 m3/h while higher air capacities are equipped with Belt Driven Fan and 4 types of Control System; Manual Speed and Temperature Control, Semi-Smart, Auto Speed and Temperature Control and Smart control Systems. KAMP CoolerPacks' structure are being manufactured in three types which provide noticeable life time; Aluminum Structure in capacities up to 12000 m3/h, Steel Structure and Combined Structure in higher air capacities (depends on capacity). KAMP CoolerPacks with 4500 and 5500 m3/h capacity may be supplied with metallic galvanized water tank also, on request. Superior Advantages respect to conventional air coolers Providing Air Conditioning Comfort Parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation at Standard Levels Reducing sound pollutions inside the building 35% increment in evaporation efficiency Noticeable reduction in Tout db. (4 – 6 °C) (Tout db.=Dry Bulb Temperature in the outlet of the cooler) 35% reduction in water consumption in similar cooling conditions 20%reduction in Absolute Humidity inside the building 24% electric power which may be consumed by similar products in the same cooling conditions May be supplied with KAMP Magnetic Electro Motor (Brushless, Powerful, Low Noise) in capacities up to 12000 m3/h Two times more life time
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