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ABB Generator and Transformer Protection, Synchronizing and Measuring-Metering System

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The task of the electrical unit protection is to detect electrical failures and inadmissible operation of the generator, generator bus bar, excitation system, generator transformer and other existence transformer(Station transformer, unit auxiliary transformer) and disconnect faulty circuits with speed and certainly without interference healthy circuits. The mechanical turbine and generator protection is independent from the electrical protection. The generator protection and synchronizing cubicles will be delivered in fully wired and tested cubicles, ready for connection. An RE.216 protection system comprises at least an electronic equipment rack Type 216MB62 or 216MB68 with the electronic modules inserted (plug-in units) and a number of I/O units, which are in effect the interface with the primary plant, resp. the process. An automatic synchronizing unit is furnished for connecting the generator unit to the grid via the generator circuit breaker. It is also possible to connect via the circuit breakers in HV substation if the generator circuit breaker is already closed. The universal transducers allow measurement of all electrical quantities occurring in any network in a single unit. Especially in power plants and substations transducers are used for isolation of electrical signals and for further processing of measured values. Combined meters in which is provided for power metering on generator output and for power metering on unit auxiliary transformer

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