Soft starter 75kw

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Common Technical Specification for All Models Starting Technology: Constant Current / Adaptive Acceleration Control / Current Ramp Stopping Technology: Timed Voltage Soft Ramp Mains Input Voltage: 180VAC to 550VAC (Line to Line) Mains Frequency: 47Hz to 56Hz Supply Voltage: 110VAC to 230VAC / 1A in Full Load Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage: 3.2KV Connection: Inside Delta (Optional In-Line Delta) Storage Temperature: -40°C to 70°C Operating Temperature: -30°C to 60°C Output Current De-rating: Above 40°C Refer to Datasheet Digital Inputs (for 24v Option) Active Voltage: 18.5vDC to 28vDC In-Active Voltage: Max 7.5vDC Current at 24vDC: Max 4.5mA Response Time: Max 2.3mS Digital Low Pass Filter: 1.5mS (Minimum Pulse Width) Rated Opto-Isolation Voltage: 1.8KV Digital Inputs (for 220v Option) Active Voltage: 180vAC to 240vAC Current at 220vAC: Max 3mA Analog Inputs Range: 4mA to 20mA Reading: 0mA to 24mA / 1.2K Samples per Sec Absolute Electrical: -10mA to 50mA (Without Protection) Resolution: 16bit with Digital Filtering Digital Outputs DO1 to DO3: 3A 24vDC / 1A 220vAC Resistive Load DO4: 5A 24vDC / 3A 220vAC Resistive Load Response Time: Max 100mS Controller Board CPU: ARM 32bit, 56MHz, Embedded Processor USB: High Speed 48Mbps / HID Device Class USB OS Support: Windows XP+ / Linux 2.6+ / Android 3.3+ MicroSD: Up to 4GB with SPI Support / FAT16 / FAT32 RTC: 1S per Year Calibrated / Battery CR2032

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