Production Line Automation

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Pipe and profile production line
Description :
In continuous pipe production lines, steel sheet enters the production line in the form of a belt. The belt is passed through a number of forming molds by electromotor force and after welding it is cut by a high frequency induction welding machine and while moving by a rotary moving saw in the desired length. The plan has two main independent parts as follows: 1- Production line control includes designing and manufacturing all control and monitoring parts of the production line from the entry of the sheet to the exit of the cut pipes. Different parts are controlled, monitored and protected by computer and through industrial interface circuits, system performance status and possible errors are reported. The saw wagon can be actuated by either a pneumatic or an electric motor. 2. Power control and protection of old welding machines using "PC and PLC" This system on the one hand provides the possibility of changing the welding power through a thyristor power control system and on the other hand protects the different parts of the welding machine. Brings and displays the working status of the system and the breakdowns graphically and in text. This design is directly used in factories producing pipes and profiles in all sizes.
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