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Polishing system which is produced by Niroonamad company, yields high quality base oil without any kind of hazardous solvent or chemical; or applying hazardous hydro treating plants. Therefore, it can be a good replacement for your current acid-clay system. Niroonamad polishing system is an effective method which works on the basis of adsorption. In fact, for improving color and odour of unpolished oil product, it is passed through a special catalyst until it reaches the desired characteristics. Also, some solid compounds such as sulfur are removed via passing through this catalyst beds. One of the major advantages of this catalyst is that it can be used several times before being discarded and it is environmentally friendly, which means any kind of pre-treatment is necessary for its safe disposal. Some of the main advantages of this catalyst beds are as follow: •An environmentally friendly process in comparison to other methods such as solvent extraction and acid- clay systems •Economic and safe alternative to hazardous high pressure and temperature plants such as hydro treatment •Improving color •Removing odour •Eliminating sulfur to some extent •Higher yields compared to other current methods

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