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Vent Silencer

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Some industrial equipment use air or gas purge to control the process. Very high velocity pipe outflow may cause severe noise pollution. For example, if the pressure in relief valves becomes excessive, the gas will be purged to the environment to reduce the pressure to the optimal limit. The noise produced often depends on pipeline pressure and the outflow pipe diameter. Very high velocity outflow from a pipe can cause significant noise pollution. Vent silencers reduce the vent outflow jet turbulence and in turn significantly reduce the outflow noise. This product dampens turbulences via porous plates and reduces the noise. The parts used are selected in accordance with the fluid in question. For instance, if the vented fluid is steam, the components are chosen from stainless steel. - Acoustic Calculations for Vent Silencers: First, the vent flow noise level is calculated and measured.

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