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Powdered Saffron Arnika

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Powdered Saffron

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This kind of saffron contains the red stigmas of saffron which is powdered. Our powdered saffron comes in three levels of quality. Powdered saffron grade 1 (powdered sargol): Arnika PA1- This type is the best grade of powdered saffron. In fact, it is sargol saffron which is powdered. Powdered saffron grade 2: Arnika PA2- This grade contains powdered sargol saffron and some amount of powdered style. Powdered saffron grade 3: Arnika PA3 – In this grade, the amount of powdered style is more than its amount in powdered saffron grade 2. First grade powder (Arnika PA1: This kind of saffron is of the best quality and is actually saffron spelled. Second grade powder (:( Arnika PA2) This type of saffron includes powdered saffron and a little bit of saffron cream. Third degree powder: (Arnika PA3) In this type of saffron, the amount of powdered cream is more than the previous group.

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