Cut Filaments (Negin Saffron ) Arnika

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Cut Filaments (Negin Saffron )
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Cut Filaments (Negin Saffron ) This type of saffron has the best quality, and the amount of style attached to stigma is very little in it. This Saffron is usually produced at the beginning of harvest season. Because of its high quality, Negin saffron has the highest price among all the other types of saffron This type of saffron is weighed in proportion to the customer's request and then packed in large metal containers of Khatam. In the case of export orders, usually containers are placed inside a large multi-pack carton (to better protect the product and prevent possible damage, such as fracture of saffron sprout). The whole process is controlled by quality control unit inspectors.
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Bulk Saffron
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