Gohar Dayana Saffron

Model :

pushali grade 1 saffron

Description :

Gohar Dayana Gohar Dayana can be a good choice if you are looking for crystal-like packs. This package is presented in three big, medium, and small sizes including the following weights: Big size: 3 gr Medium size: 2 gr Small size: 1 gr The saffron used in this package is Pushali grade 1. This package contains four 3-item shrinks in a special carton, with each carton containing 12 numbers of Gohar Dayana. This package has been successful to allocate special fans among our foreign customers. Production of Gohar Dayana After confirming the quality of Gohar Dayana by quality control unit, the sorting process is done, and saffron is weighed and packed in different sizes (big, medium, and small) according to customer’s request. The jar caps are sealed with a special sticker and there is no possibility to achieve to the saffron inside the jars before it reaches to the final consumer. Quality control inspectors control all of the production and packing processes of Gohar Dayana Large size: 3 grams Medium Size: 2 grams Small size: 1 g The saffron used in this type of packaging is "Pushali grade 1".

Packaging :
Big size :3 gr medium size : 2gr Small size :1 gr
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