Venus Dayana Saffron

Model :
pushali grade 1 saffron
Description :
Venus Dayana Venus Dayana is one of the most stylish packages for export that is at the disposal of customers in ane sizes: • Net weight of each jar: 1.5 gr The saffron which is used in this pack is “pushali grade 1”. If you are looking for a valuable and precious venus, Venus Dayana can be a good choice. Venus Dayana contains crystal-like container which is put in a shapely box. These beautiful boxes are placed in bigger boxes, and the specified numbers of these beautiful boxes are placed in bigger boxes; these boxes are offered in different weights as below: Gift 0.5 & 1 gr: 48 numbers in big box Gift 2 gr: 24 numbers in big box Gift 4 gr: 12 numbers in big box Production of Venus Dayana After pushali grade 1 passed process of quality tests, and quality of pushali grade 1 is confirmed by quality control unit, saffron sorting process are carried out. Saffron is weighed and is put in crystal-like containers in different packs of Dayaba Vnus. Then, these packs are placed inside the related boxes. All packing processes are controlled by quality control inspectors. The saffron used in this type of packaging is "first-class straw".
Packaging :
Saffron grade : Pushali grade 1 Net weight of each jar :1.5 gr Content :12 numbers
Minimum order :
Standard :
Production power :

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