Crystal Box Arnika Saffron

Model :
pushali grade 1 saffron
Description :
Arnika Kian Toos Co. is proud to present ” Negin ” or ” Sargol ” or “pushali “ in crystal-like boxes as followings: Negin: 5-25 gr Sargol: 15-60 gr Pushal:5-25 gr Crystal Box Arnika Saffron is prepared and presented according to the number required by customer.Crystal Box Arnika is one of the packs that Arnika Kian Toos Co. presents for export. The price of Crystal Box Arnika saffron as an export pack is cpmpletely reasonable. Producing Crystal Box Arnika After doing the necessary tests, the quality of ” Negin ” or ” Sargol ” or “pushali ” is confirmed by quality control unit. Then, cleaned and sorted saffron is weighed and packed in big and medium sizes according to the customers’ needs. All work processes are controlled by quality control inspectors. Large size: 25 grams Medium Size: 5 grams
Packaging :
Negin: 5-25 gr Sargol: 15-60 gr Pushal:5-25 gr
Minimum order :
Standard :
Production power :

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