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Arnika Organic Saffron

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Organic Negin Saffron

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Arnika Organic Saffron Organic saffron is a method in agriculture in which no chemical fertilizers during planting, harvesting, collecting and packing are used and saffron is produced without using pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified substances. Planting and Producing organic saffron has been one of the main concerns of Arnika KianToos Co. This company succeeded to acquire T3 certification on 2015 and production certification, processing and exporting organic saffron in 2016 from an examination company authorized in Europe. Arnika Kian Toos Co. prides itself in producing Arnika Organic Saffron with different weights as below: Medium size: 1 g. Small size: 0.5 g The saffron used in these packs is “first grade Negin”. Organic Arnika is one the most special and stylish packages used in Arnika Kian Toos Co. The design of this packing is in a way recalling gold bullion indicatory of the high value of this product. Production of Arnika Organic Saffron First the quality of Negin Saffron is confirmed by quality control unit conducting particular experiments and after sorting, it is weighed and packed in different weights according to customer order. All the steps including weighing, and packing are confirmed by supervision and quality unit.

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Medium Size: 1 g Small size: 0.5 g
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