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KAMP Evaporative SubCooler is being manufactured in 4 models, according to its supply duct position. These are available in 5 different air capacities ranged from 4000 up to 8000 m3/h and is being provided by each one of four types KAMP Control Systems; Manual Speed and Temperature Control, Semi-Smart, Smart and Super Smart control. KAMP SubCooler is installed beneath of the terrace ceiling by special supports or on any other suitable metal stands outside the building. KAMP SubCooler is equipped with Fischbakh Fan (the fan, which may be coupled directly to the KAMP Magnetic Electro Motor or any other synchronous induction type Electro Motors). Noticeable reduction in energy consumption (0.12 power consumed by Split or Duct Split, in similar cooling capacity and in the same cooling conditions) and more life time, are its superior advantages Providing Air Conditioning Comfort Parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation at Standard Levels Reducing sound pollutions inside the building 40% increment in evaporation efficiency Noticeable reduction in Tout.db (5 – 7°C) (Tout.db=Dry Bulb Temperature in the outlet of cooler) 40% reduction in water consumption in similar cooling conditions 20%Noticeable reduction in Absolute Humidity inside the building 20% electric power which may be consumed by similar products in the same cooling conditions Four different installation situations with respect to supply and return ducts' positions Outlet and inlet ports of SubCoolerare adaptable to the buildings' main supply and return ducts. The elbow which is installed beneath the ceiling of terrace and connected to a main supply duct, is omitted. Therefore pressure loss, inside the duct is decreased. Enhancement of cooling power and air efficiency Reduction in duct lengths and therefore increment in air capacity Reduction of construction costs Terrace space is optimized for other usage and applications Reduction in energy loss Beautiful view in terrace after mounting All Service and Maintenance operations are performed through lower panels of the SubCooler

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