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Motopack: Bami Engineers Packages Since the construction of the engine room space is one of the concerns of the owners, and in addition to the heavy financial burden, the construction of the engine room can threaten the building as a potential risk, and in order to protect the building, to meet the requirements for the implementation of the fire fighting system, the construction costs of the construction. It also doubles the maintenance of the engine room. With the design and production of a Bamyi mobile engineering company, Kian Inburation Company, in addition to the advantage of removing the occupancy of the beneficial building and turning it into a rial value for the owners, manages the hot water supply of the heating network as well as the spa of the sanitary network of the building to be completely intelligent and safe. . Another benefit of this scheme is the elimination of contaminations and possible poisoning of the servants in the position of engine rooms in the b uilding, as well as the cost of duct for fresh air Qian powerhouses in the volume capacity, about 10% of the traditional powerhouses. Important features: 1-Launching in the open air (unnecessary from roof space) resistant to atmospheric precipitation (wind, storm and cold) 2-Thermal refrigeration steel heat exchanger boiler, with second wall of internal steel and providing thermal efficiency of 92% 3- An anti-lock system for pumps in all working conditions as well as other thermostatic commands 4- It has an electronic internal control panel, as well as protection and control systems, and pressure and temperature indicators, and can be programmed. 5- Automatic pump control thermostat, to reduce electric energy consumption and increase pump life 6- Using a water pump, the sanitary hot water stream is produced to produce uniformity in hot water and to create a permanent spa behind health lambs (no water loss) 7- Has a source of expansion of the internal package and the supply of sanitary spa as well as the anti-icing system and the system alarm system Has a daily working hours system, based on the working hours (regulation) during the week 8- 9- Steam valves, pressure and overvoltage switches to increase the safety and efficiency of the system 10- Thermal and sound insulation complete with rock wool coatings and elastomeric foam, with minimal noise and vibration contamination. Applications: Villa houses, apartment complexes, office buildings, hotels, educational and entertainment facilities Applicable climates: All climates Capacities: from 50000 to 600000 kcal / h

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