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Multi Unipacking Pars is a three-purpose product that is fully integrated, providing cold, heat and sanitary sanitation in all seasons of the year. Makes Also, the production of cold in Malta is a type of refrigeration (by condensation system) and is located in the roof or terrace or adjacent to the building, and the connection of the air inlet and outlet ports of the device is done to the building channel. Maltese Ionipack Kian is equipped with a smart and programmable system (special control) at all capacities. Also, in a capacity of 3 tons of refrigeration up (in order to reduce energy consumption and increase the life span), the device has two parallel cooling circuits, which step into the circuit. Exciting differences over other products: 1-Production of clean air, providing indicators of temperature, humidity, ventilation and air change, in the interior, in accordance with luxurious conditions. 2-Inverter for reducing power consumption and increasing the user's welfare as well as automatic control of the capacity of the air conditioner in 36 steps capacity and with a precision of 0.1 ° C 3-Having a second refrigeration circuit in products of 3 tons of refrigeration and above, in order to reduce depreciation and increase the life span and reduce energy consumption

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